About the lab: Principal Investigator Joseph Andrews started the Laboratory for Printed Electronics and Sensors (LPES) in 2019 at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. The focus of LPES is developing new printed electronic devices for interdisciplinary sensing applications. Novel electronic sensors are needed to usher in the coming age of more personalized medicine, data-driven diagnostics, and the “Internet of Things”. The inherit low-cost and flexibility associated with the fabrication technique motivates the use of printing for electronic sensors. Our lab takes a holistic approach to the invention and design of electronic sensors with multiple layers of emphasis including ink development, sensor design, and device validation. The impact of our work will manifest itself in many areas including biomedical research, “smart” objects, and wearable sensors.

UW-Madison's College of Engineering Campus situated by Lake Monona and Camp Randall football stadium.
We use a combination of inkjet and aerosol jet printing to facilitate the deposition of many material types.
Through printing, our goal is to fabricate new types and form factors of electronic devices and sensors for interdisciplinary applications.