Prof. Andrews to give tutorial talk at FLEPS 2020

Prof. Joseph Andrews will provide a tutorial talk at FLEPS 2020 titled: “Printed Electronics from Nanomaterials: A Pathway to Ubiquitous Electronic Sensing”. An abstract of the talk can be seen below:

As the connected future promised by the Internet-Of-Things expands, there is a need for ubiquitous electronic devices and sensors. New devices and sensors will need to possess a number of attributes including cost efficiency, flexibility, and the capability of operating in many environments. Printed electronics offers a pathway to enable novel form factor devices at low manufacturing costs. Additionally, recent developments in nanomaterial-based inks have facilitated the demonstration of innovative sensors able to operate in extreme environments. In this tutorial, I will present an overview of printed electronics from nanomaterials including a discussion of the printable materials and methods. I will then review sensor embodiments that have been enabled through printed nanomaterial thin films. This will include a discussion of two specific sensing systems: (1) a fully printed biological sensor capable of interrogating whole blood for a specific protein, and (2) a large-area tire tread-depth sensing array. I will conclude with a discussion on the outlook and challenges for the printed electronics field.

If you are interested in printed and flexible electronics – be sure to register for the FLEPS 2020 conference in Manchester, UK! More information can be found at the website: