LPES Researchers Publish Two New Papers

We’ve recently published two new papers: one review paper on printable carbon nanotube thin-film transistors for display applications and one conference paper on fully printable and electronic COVID-19 screening tests. See more info below:

“Recent Advances in Printable Carbon Nanotube Transistors for Large-Area Active Matrices” by Kevin Schnittker, Muhammadeziz Tursunniyaz, and Joseph Andrews. Published in the Journal of Information Display.

In this work, we provide a comprehensive overview of the recent advances in CNT processing and printing techniques, coupled with a benchmarking study of printable CNT-TFTs. Specifically, we focused on methods that could lead to the use of CNT-TFTs in large-area active matrices.

(A) A schematic for a 2T1C active matrix circuit. (B) A cartoon depiction of aerosol jet printing a flexible CNT-TFT. (C) A benchmarking study comparing the on/off ratio and mobility metrics for a variety of printed CNT-TFTs.

“Printed Capacitive Immunoassay for Detecting SARS-CoV-2 Viral Particles” by Muhammadeziz Tursunniyaz and Joseph Andrews. IEEE FLEPS Conference, 2021.

For this conference paper, we discuss the use of printed co-planar electrodes functionalized with antibodies for the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein to capacitively sense the presence of the virus.

Inkjet-printed capacitive SARS-CoV-2 spike protein immunoassay. Photograph a printed array of sensors before (A) and after functionalization (B) with a zoomed-in micrograph to show the co-planar electrode gap (C). The detection antibodies utilized were tagged with gold nanoparticles, and an SEM image after the immunoassay was conducted is shown in (D). The change in capacitance for both a (+) sample and a (-) control is shown in (E).

Congrats to Kevin and Muhammadeziz for publishing these two innovative papers!